Overnight Boarding:

Standard rate:

$35 per night (rate drops to $30/night after first 7 nights in an extended stay)

Additional Dog Rate:

$25 per night per additional dog

Stays of 21 Nights or More:

$25 per night


Puppy Rate:

$45 per night (until 12 months)


Please note:  All pups need to be sleeping in a crate overnight at home on a regular basis, before being able to board here.


Standard Rate:
$30 per day

Additional Dog Rate:
$25 per day

Puppy Rate:
$40 per day

Doggy Daycare: (in sitter's home only)

Doggy Day Care                                 Additional Dog Rate                                       Puppy Rate

$30 per day                                      $15 per day per additional dog                          $40 unless potty-trained